What is Stuttering?

Stuttering is a communication disorder affecting nearly 70 million people worldwide. Although researchers do not yet know the primary cause of stuttering, many believe that stuttering is neurological; others believe it may be hereditary. Extreme stress, exhaustion, fear, or excitement often exasperate stuttering; however, they do not cause stuttering.

Stuttering can manifest itself in several different ways, depending on the individual. Every person stutters very differently, and I find such beauty in that! Stuttering may sound like repetitions, blocks, or prolongations. For example, if I were trying to say my name, it might sound like Ma-ma-ma-kenzie, or Ma…(silence)…kenzie, or Maaa-kenzie (prolonging the first vowel of the word).

I have been inspired by stories of people who have learned to accept their stuttering as a beautiful part of who they are. They have learned that they have something special to give to the world with their unique voices. Remember, we all have something to give. Finding your gift requires courage and unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

I believe that if we work together to shed light on stuttering, we can help thousands of people on their own journeys. Will you join me?