Helpful Resources

If you stutter, please know that there are countless resources available to you. One wonderful resource for me is the Stuttering Foundation. You can find their website at

The Stuttering Foundation works to provide support and current research for those who stutter. On the website, you will find resources for both parents and children, speech pathologist referrals, basic facts about stuttering, videos, news articles, and much more. One of the most fascinating sections of this website is an extensive list of famous people who stutter. Celebrities such as James Earl Jones, Elvis Presley, Emily Blunt, Ed Sheeran, Bruce Willis, Tiger Woods, and John Stossel beat the odds and built successful careers in spite of their stuttering. Behind each of these names is a fighting spirit that refused to give up. They found their voices again. . .and so can you! Scrolling through this website will remind you that you are not alone on this journey.


Additional resources include:

  • Out with It by Katherine Preston
  • Stuttering: Getting Unstuck by Cheri Jensen
  • The Stuttering Association for the Young at
  • James Earl Jones: Overcoming Adversity by Judy L. Hasday
  • The Mighty, an outstanding organization created to inspire people around the world with a wide range of disabilities, including stuttering. You can find them at
  • The National Stuttering Association at
  • FRIENDS, The National Association of Young People Who Stutter, at
  • Advice to Those Who Stutter, compiled by the Stuttering Foundation
  • Self-Therapy for the Stutterer by Malcolm Fraser