Defeating Defeat

What’s one thing that challenges you every day? Now think about that one thing for a moment. Are you letting it defeat you, or are you giving it to the Lord and letting Him use it in ways you never imagined possible?

For me, I can sincerely say from my heart that the one thing that challenges me every day is speaking. Something so simple, but so difficult sometimes. Over the past few days, I’ve had conference calls with the online schooling program that I use. And do you know what I have to tell them every morning? That’s right…MY NAME. The two words that seem to freeze on my lips every single time…the two words that make my heart pound when I just think about having to say them.

The past two mornings, I have hit that “call” button with shaky hands, praying and hoping with my whole heart that I will be able to tell them my name smoothly. But both times, I have gotten pretty stuck. For several seconds, the line went totally silent, as I tried and tried and tried, until my name finally tumbled out.

The first time it happened, I expected the usual flood of emotions to take over me; but something unexpected happened. God just filled my heart with peace, that kind of peace that can’t ever be explained by words. Sure, I felt really nervous and pretty exhausted; but at the same time, I felt completely surrounded by God’s peace.
Every morning, my stutter is waiting for me. Every morning, whatever challenge you have is waiting for you. Determine that with God’s strength, you will not be defeated. Challenges will always come, but defeat is always a choice.
Let yourself be challenged, but never-ever-defeated.
Much love, Makenzie

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