Wonderful Words

It’s difficult to explain just how much words mean to someone who stutters. Have you ever stopped to think about how amazing the gift of speech is? God has given us this unique ability to speak our hearts. When your heart is full of joy, you can laugh until your sides ache. When you see someone struggling, you can encourage them with words of kindness. When your heart is overflowing with love, you can tell someone how much you love them. When your heart is sad, you can pour it out before the Lord. Speech is truly wonderful. It links us all together as God’s special creation.  For someone who stutters, words become an even more extraordinary treasure.

Someone who stutters often notices and appreciates the smallest intricacies of speech. Every word and every sound means something to him. He finds a certain melody in every sentence. When words don’t come easily, they take on a whole new splendor. A stutterer doesn’t just throw words around aimlessly, because he has realized how beautiful speech is supposed to be. It is a gift to be deeply loved and cherished, and always used for good.

Because stuttering gives someone such a love for words, it tends to help him become a better listener. Stuttering produces an instinctive desire to give others your full attention when they speak, because every voice is beautiful and valuable, whether it’s perfectly fluent or a little different. It makes you desire to treat others the way you want to be treated.

Most of the time, someone who stutters will opt for a deep, meaningful conversation, rather than a superficial conversation. Words just cost too much.  This definitely doesn’t mean that someone who stutters doesn’t still love to laugh or that a random conversation is bad. Light conversations are always wonderful, especially after a tiring day! 🙂 It’s just that words take on a new rarity that makes him desire to use them in the best ways possible.

As a result, many people who stutter develop a passion for writing. Writing gives him the voice he never thought he had. All of those thoughts that have been in his heart come pouring out onto the page, without a single stutter. As he writes, he slowly realizes that the voice on the page has always been inside of him, just waiting to come out. Writing sets the heart free and gives so, so much joy.  Every writer has to have a unique love for words, and stuttering undoubtedly gives that special kind of love.

Words are one of the best gifts that God has given to the world. Every word has the potential to lift someone up or tear him down. Will you join me in determining to use words to brighten someone’s life this week?

If you make just one person smile, your efforts will be completely worth it!


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