When Speaking Doesn’t Come Naturally…

Miracles happen. Dreams come true. Life becomes a beautiful adventure.

Communication is one of the most basic human faculties that God gave us. Whether it’s shouting for joy, crying in sorrow, laughing hysterically, or telling someone you love them…speech is truly magnificent. In the past, I used to wonder why God would have kept this most intricate, wonderful ability from me. But He didn’t keep anything from me. He gave me moreBECAUSE of my stutter, not in spite of it, something beyond my wildest dreams happened today. Something that gave me that “can’t eat, can’t sleep because I’m so excited” feeling.

A few weeks ago, I submitted an article about stuttering to The Mighty, a website created to inspire people with a wide range of disability, including stuttering. After anxiously waiting for about two weeks, I received an e-mail this morning that made my heart feel as if it would burst. My article was published on The Mighty as a featured story! I am just thanking my sweet Savior for His amazing goodness. Ten hours later, I think I’m still floating on cloud nine.

After years and years of hiding, this voice that I used to cry so many tears over has become a gift that just keeps on giving. My dream of using my love for writing to encourage others is slowly coming true. Not because of anything I have done, not because of any of my own abilities. But because God is great. He is taking the ashes of my broken words, putting them back together, and making beauty rise. When speaking doesn’t come naturally, amazing things can happen.






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