The Big Question

Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s week is getting off to a fantastic start.

Today, I would like to write straight from my heart about interacting with someone who stutters. This is a big question that many people have already beautifully addressed. Since stuttering is not something you come across every day, I would just like to share a few tips from my own experience speaking to people. To be honest, with all of these tips, there is certainly no right way or wrong way. Please just be yourself! These are just a few things that have helped me throughout this journey with stuttering.

Eye Contact

Some who stutter find it helpful when people keep eye contact, and I also believe that this makes a huge difference. When someone is stuttering, the listener’s first instinct is to look away because he feels sorry for him. I honestly believe I would do the same exact thing. However, it is so incredibly helpful when someone keeps eye contact even when I’m struggling, no matter how long it takes to get that word out. When the listener never loses eye contact, it makes the speaker feel as if that person respects what he has to say and acknowledges the fact that he has a voice. A voice that sometimes freezes, but still…a valuable voice.

Finishing Sentences

Since someone who stutters often speaks rather slowly, you can imagine how long your conversation with him might be. But, I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means when someone intently listens to every word, instead of finishing our thoughts for us. Since we live in a very fast-paced world, meeting someone who has the patience to hear every single word is such a gift. Again, I could never say I wouldn’t want to do the same thing because when you see someone struggling, we all want to help. I can honestly say that the most helpful thing you can do is to have patience and to let that person express his feelings in his own unique way.


The last thing I would like to share with you is hard to put into words, but I do feel it’s important to point out. The best way to explain it is keeping a proper perspective about stuttering. Please know that someone who stutters is not any less able to thrive in the world. Even though stuttering is a medical disorder in the brain, you will find that people who stutter are just like you. We have all the same dreams and aspirations for the future, but we’re just trying to overcome one big hurdle. It also helps when people don’t view us as disabled, but as just ordinary people trying to find our place in this great big world.

Giving Your Dreams Wings

We’re all in this world together. This world is broken and flawed, but God gives us challenges for a reason. He gives us afflictions that will point even more to His glory and how great He is. I just hope that I will be able to use my voice as a platform to help other people know that there’s absolutely nothing that can keep you from achieving the dreams God has placed in your heart. If there is anything in your life that’s holding you back, please give every dream to the Lord, and He can make them come true.


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