Have you ever received a gift box that looked unappealing on the outside, yet the gift inside was beautiful? That’s how I like to look at stuttering. From the outside looking in, stuttering looks messy and scary. But on the inside, a beautiful gift is waiting to be unwrapped. Although I have already touched on some of the blessings that stuttering gives in previous posts, I would like to dig even deeper into my heart today and share with you how stuttering has radically changed my life for the good.


With every block, every repetition, every prolongation. . .stuttering reaches into the very depths of the human heart, giving the stutterer extraordinary insight into himself, and most importantly, into others. In a truly remarkable way, stuttering has given me more awareness for the world around me. Over time, I have started seeing the world in a whole new way. Not just looking. . . but SEEING. 

Stuttering is teaching me to see people as God sees them. Every human being is precious, created with a unique personality that sets them apart from everyone else. I try to see eyes, instead of just faces. The eyes are the gateway to the heart, revealing fear, joy, sorrow, or insecurity. I strive to look past the outward appearance into the heart. With God’s help, I desire to see the beauty in our differences. Instead of hearing, I strive to truly listen.  Without a doubt, stuttering gives you a greater appreciation for the beauty of language. Every single word is meaningful and important. When speaking doesn’t come naturally, speech becomes so priceless. Life itself becomes priceless.

Most importantly, stuttering makes you feel everything so deeply. Through this struggle, the Lord is teaching me to love more and criticize less (even though I still need lots of work!). When I see someone fighting their own battle-whether physical, emotional, or mental-I try to remember how much God has loved me in my own battle and then try to replicate that same kind of unconditional love. Every word and action goes straight to the heart. Nothing is meaningless. You feel the struggles of others as if they were your own and hold on to the special people in your life with your whole heart. Stuttering makes you hug a little tighter, love a little deeper, and smile a little bigger. Most people who stutter will tell you that stuttering has given them a heartfelt gratitude for everything in life.

Since I know it must be hard to understand how stuttering can affect so much about a person, the best way I can explain it is that those long years of silence gave me a greater sensitivity to the small things that I used to take for granted. Stuttering has opened my eyes to the breathtaking beauty that fills every day and the incredible potential within every person.

Is there an unexpected gift in your life that you haven’t opened yet? Determine to open it today, and you will be amazed what a blessing it turns out to be!


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