New Beginnings

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a fantastic week! So many exciting things have happened since my last blog post. Hmmm…where should I start???

Most importantly, I took the first few steps of a long-awaited journey…my journey toward overcoming stuttering. The first step I took was meeting with a vocal coach to learn how to control my voice better. Our first meeting together went extremely well. She taught me several different vocal exercises for breathing correctly, finding my true pitch, releasing tension in my body, and speaking expressively. In addition, we worked on learning how to use similar techniques for speaking as I use for singing. One of the most interesting facts about stuttering is that it does not happen while singing. Most researchers believe this is because singing requires a definite rhythm, whereas speaking is more haphazard. For this reason, many stutterers, including myself, find that speaking rhythmically greatly reduces stuttering.  With all of the techniques my vocal coach has taught me already, I feel very equipped to start this journey with enthusiastic hope in my heart.

As if beginning voice lessons wasn’t exciting enough, I also went back to speech therapy last week. Stepping through the door of the therapy office reminded me of the old saying: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” My first session was wonderful. I love my new speech therapist, and I can’t wait to work with her in the coming months. In our first meeting last Tuesday, we worked on an interesting technique: stuttering on purpose. Now, I know that might sound crazy, but it actually works surprisingly well. The idea is to make myself stutter in private so that I feel more in control over my voice when I actually do stutter in public. By stuttering purposefully and then deciding when to release it, I get a better idea of exactly what happens when I stutter. It’s a very interesting technique that I can’t wait to practice more!

I am very excited to see where these first couple of steps lead. This will be a journey full of peaks and valleys, but I know that if I just lean on the Lord for help, He will give me all I need to thrive in this new chapter of my beautiful life.



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