Shouting from the Mountain Tops


Lord, You have promised me in Your Word that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made.” You have given me a voice, and it is with this voice that I promise to praise, to encourage, to edify, to pray, to laugh, to sing, and to rejoice. From this day forward, I promise to make a difference in this world with the voice You have given me.

I will use my voice to uplift others, and I will be exactly who You created me to be. I promise to rejoice in my stutter, taking heart in the promise that You make no mistakes, Lord. With Your help, I promise to break through these walls of silence, to shine radiantly for You, and to speak courageously with my unique voice.

Lord, help me to knock down the walls that I placed around myself for so many years and build a new life that reflects the power of embracing imperfection with Christ on my side. I will live fully and fearlessly.

I will not be fearful to speak out because You are always with me. May I share hope with others as you speak through me, Lord. After all, “Courage is finding your voice!”



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